Intuitive Business Coaching and Conversations


Connecting threads, releasing spiritual tension and driving to results are a few of my Super Powers. I have a strong empathetic, intuitive nature and claircognizant abilities that helps gently guide you to your goals. Most of my professional life has been spent being a Project Manager, I have both an MBA and PMP accreditation, and I have acquired a few tricks and tips to help guide through big changes and business decisions. Most people that use this service are looking to start or grow their business and most importantly get out of their own way of success.  

Through the act of conversation, meditation and co-creation we would review:

  • sacred space and personal ritual

  • energetic body and boundaries

  • root issues and underlying blocks

  • business goals, visions and dreams

  • steps to surpass your goals and accountability tracking

If you are looking to make a big career decisions or want to grow your current business, this might be a good fit for you.