About Emily LeVan

I remember even as young as a child knowing things I shouldn't know. Or being able to spot and call out the shadow work quickly. Through years of trial and error (lots of error!), I've managed to harness my gifts into helping others achieve and see their greatness, their light and ultimately their super powers. I realized I was Claircognizant later in life and it quickly snowballed into revealing other gifts and ways to serve.

I've worked in many different facets of corporate and small business America for over 15 years but continued to be called back to serve others. So much so, that my 9-5 job usually morphed into coaching and helping others grow despite whatever job title I was working under. I would end up working directly with employees and clients to help unveil their blocks so that they could be successful. Moving this practice into an independent consultation model has enabled me to grow this skill and practice. And ultimately, help more people!

I first got started with doTERRA when I was pregnant with my first son. It was not a easy pregnancy and none of the other natural tools seem to alleviate the stress and pain. When I tried doTERRA my world shifted. Realizing I could influence and heal my body was a huge moment of enlightenment. I suddenly had tools to help me manage my health and my family's health. It has truly been life changing and empowering to be an active participant in the state of my health and to learn to become an advocate for my body. Since I've started working with these powerful oils, my entire ecosystem has shifted for the better and we are a healthier and happier family (even the cat). It is my sincere honor and joy to share doTERRA with others and allow it to empower others.

We are all here to help each other heal and grow. This is your journey and we can make it amazing. I dream of a community of people all willing to dig in the mud, work on their blocks and shadows, own their health and healthcare and ultimately help each other heal.